September 05, 2007

Positive Drill Results Received From Northair's El Reventon Silver Project, Mexico

33.5 metres of 179 g/t Silver

International Northair Mines Ltd. (TSXV:INM) is pleased to announce results from six diamond drill holes completed at the El Reventon Project, located in the state of Durango, Mexico. The phase-one drill program focused on the Reventon Breccia zone and totaled 660 metres in six NQ core holes. All drill holes intercepted significant zones of mineralized breccia, with highlights including 33.5 metres of 179 g/t silver, 22.8 metres of 94.7 g/t silver and 56.4 metres of 84.5 g/t silver, with associated lead and zinc values.

"The phase-one drill program greatly increased our understanding of the geology and possible geometry of the Reventon Breccia zone. We completed six drill holes before the onset of the rainy season and the Company is very encouraged with the results." said Fred Hewett, President and CEO of International Northair. "Drilling indicates that the intrusive breccia is 60 to 80 metres in true thickness, and that it could be open laterally in all directions," he noted. "Further drilling is warranted as our initial geological assessment indicates that the Reventon Breccia could be significantly larger than currently exposed in outcrop or intersected by drilling."

Drill results are as follows:

Reventon Breccia
DDH-07-01 1.5 57.9 56.4 84.5 0.44 1.11
includes 6.1 19.8 13.7 109.0 0.48 2.40
includes 32.0 56.4 24.4 116.0 0.62 0.88
  65.5 67.1 1.6 445.0 1.57 1.64
DDH-07-02 0.0 21.3 21.3 64.7 0.30 0.81
  44.2 48.8 4.6 131.7 0.11 2.38
  67.1 79.2 12.1 83.9 0.35 0.38
DDH-07-03 7.6 36.6 29.0 40.8 0.28 0.64
  48.8 50.3 1.5 107.0 0.31 0.24
  62.5 65.5 3.0 183.5 1.00 0.58
  74.7 97.5 22.8 94.7 0.33 0.92
includes 74.7 80.8 6.1 196.3 0.55 1.73
DDH-07-04 0.0 4.6 4.6 105.3 0.59 1.37
  10.7 30.5 19.8 60.9 0.30 0.29
includes 16.8 21.3 4.5 113.3 0.46 0.63
  57.9 59.4 1.5 246.0 0.55 1.27
DDH-07-05 0.0 33.5 33.5 179.0 0.94 0.89
includes 0.0 16.8 16.8 253.0 0.95 0.51
includes 24.4 30.5 6.1 227.5 2.17 2.83
  48.8 70.1 21.3 62.8 0.27 0.14
includes 48.8 51.8 3.0 54.0 0.21 0.34
includes 54.9 59.4 4.5 177.3 0.66 0.12
DDH-07-06 3.0 39.6 36.6 79.9 0.85 1.12
includes 12.2 18.3 6.1 169.3 2.20 1.80
includes 24.4 27.4 3.0 149.5 1.39 1.35
includes 33.5 38.1 4.6 124.0 1.27 1.89
  59.4 67.1 7.7 93.6 0.37 0.26

The holes tested an area of approximately 60 metres x 80 metres, and were collared from pre-existing roads. Recoveries were generally 100%. All holes were vertical with the exception of hole DDH-07-06, which was inclined at minus 65 degrees in a north 45 degrees easterly direction (see website for drill plan and sections). It is important to note that DDH-07-03 was collared in overlying volcanics and intersected the mineralized breccia where projected by surface mapping.

The Reventon Breccia zone contains a diorite porphyry intrusive breccia, which appears to be an inclined tabular feature dipping moderately to the northeast that is open laterally in all directions. The breccia intrudes Tertiary andesite volcanics, and is overlain and concealed by post-mineral volcanics to the south. The breccia is exposed in an erosional window within the volcanics in a roughly 70 x 70 metre area. Surface sampling from the breccia averaged 103.9 g/t silver, 0.75% lead and 0.79% zinc.

The Company maintains a quality control program using best industry practices consistent with National Instrument 43-101. The program is under the supervision of Mr. Jim Robinson, Vice President of the Company who is a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101. All technical information is obtained and reported within a formal quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program. Sampling of the core was done on 5-foot intervals. Core was hydraulically split, with 100% of one split sent to the ALS Chemex prep. lab in Hermosillo, and the non-assayed split stored in core boxes in a guarded facility in Durango. Sample collection and shipping was done using secure methods. All samples were assayed by ALS Chemex by Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectroscopy method (ME-ICP61a). For samples over 200 ppm silver, re-analysis was completed using four-acid digestion with an AA finish. Approximately 10% of the samples have been sent for check assaying by Acme Labs on both coarse rejects and pulps.

The Company is presently preparing budgets for the next stage of exploration at El Reventon which would commence at the end of the rainy season. It is anticipated this program will include further drilling of the Reventon Breccia, a possible initial drill program at the La Estrella Zone, and field work on additional property targets. Please visit our website for property details.

Appointment of Chief Financial Officer

International Northair Mines is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Godfrey as Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Richard brings a wealth of experience to International Northair Mines, having worked his way from mine site controller at the Faro and Sa Dena Hes zinc mines in the Yukon, to corporate controller with Royal Oak Mines, followed by a position as financial adviser to Ma'aden, the Saudi Arabian State Mining Company. In June 2003, he became VP Finance and CFO of Breakwater Resources, a multi-mine base metal producer and, subsequent to this, was appointed VP Finance for EuroZinc Mining, prior to the merger with Lundin Mining Corporation.


Fred G. Hewett, P.Eng.
President & CEO

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